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Home First Dialysis Model of Care

Home First Dialysis Model of Care is centred around patients choices and empowering them to make the right choice for their circumstances. Focusing on the period between being diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and end stage kidney disease, Home First demonstrates a model that engages and educates patients on home dialysis options and streamlines processes to ensure each patient is evaluated on an individual basis.

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Infographic for Home First Dialysis Model of Care

Infographic for Home First Dialysis Model of Care


  • To improve care for people on dialysis.
  • To improve the experience of pre-dialysis patients.
  • To facilitate self-management of their condition and treatment and improve quality of life.
  • To customise treatment programs based on the patients: circumstances and resources available to them.


Patients who dialyse at home experience improved: Clinical outcomes, quality of life freedom and flexibility They also have fewer restrictions on diet and fluid intake. Patients who dialyse at home have lower rates of depression than those on centre or hospital based dialysis. Home dialysis saves the health system $30,000 per year, per patient.


The Clinical Innovation Program was established in 2014 to find, explore, develop and provide support for the successful implementation of clinical innovations of statewide significance. Across NSW, clinicians, managers and consumers are designing and delivering new, efficient and effective ways to deliver services, achieving positive change for consumers, communities and clinicians. The ACI Clinical Innovation Program outlines new models of care that have been developed locally by teams of local healthcare providers in NSW; clinical innovators who identified a need for change and addressed the need by designing and implementing new models of care. These models are not clinical practice guidelines, but instead models based on “real life” examples of local practises, developed and implemented to improve experiences and outcomes for patients and communities. These models of care are available to providers across the state to read, reflect, and identify local opportunities for change for improvement.

Lead Contact

Rama Machiraju Venkata
Renal Service Network Manager
NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation
Phone: 02 9464 4613

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