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Rehabilitation Implementation Toolkit

In 2011 the NSW Rehabilitation Model of Care (MoC) was endorsed by the Director-General, NSW Health, and is relevant to metropolitan, regional and rural areas in NSW. The NSW Rehabilitation Model of Care describes six care settings in which rehabilitation services are delivered: in-reach to acute care, inpatient subacute, day hospital, outpatients, home based and outreach rehabilitation. It also outlines eight guiding principles and enablers for rehabilitation services that underpin the MoC.

The NSW Rehabilitation Implementation Toolkit (the toolkit) has been developed to facilitate the implementation of the NSW Rehabilitation Model of Care.

The purpose of the toolkit is to assist the Rehabilitation Implementation Leads and other key Local Health District (LHD) stakeholders to understand the value delivered in current care settings and to identify 'gaps' in delivering a service that meets the needs of the local community. Specifically, the Implementation Toolkit focuses on assisting LHDs to identify opportunities to:

  1. Enhance current rehabilitation services, enabling them to better meet demand by aligning service delivery to the guiding principles outlined in the Model of Care.
  2. Develop and implement additional rehabilitation care settings to meet current and projected demand.

Toolkit documents:

+ Appendix D: Implement and Monitor

+ Appendix E: Across the Patient Journey

+ Appendix F: Referral and Admission

+ Appendix G: Assessment and Service Delivery

+ Appendix H: Transfer of Care and Discharge

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