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Rehabilitation Patient Stories

The NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation values the experience and feedback of our health consumers across the NSW public health system. The stories our patients tell about the care they have received provide us with a powerful perspective that allows health care clinicians to understand the human impact of their actions and the way they deliver care.

The ACI Rehabilitation Network, in collaboration with the ACI Patient and Staff Experience team, has developed two resources for Rehabilitation clinicians and health care staff reflecting the Rehabilitation Model of Care, that highlight the importance of communication and a coordinated, patient centred approach to care. The first video, Stephanie’s Journey reflects the provision of Rehabilitation care prior to the implementation of the Rehabilitation Model of Care, while Patrick’s story reflects the care provided in a service which had implemented the Rehabilitation Model of Care.

These resources can be used:

  1. As an orientation tool for staff new to rehabilitation services
  2. To educate clinicians and healthcare staff regarding the importance of client centred goal setting
  3. To promote the value of rehabilitation to other services
  4. To highlight the importance of functional independence

The two videos are combined in the clip below.