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Rehabilitation Education Forum 2018

The annual Rehabilitation Network Education Forum was held at Liverpool Hospital on Friday 29 June 2018. Over 110 clinicians attended in person with a further 61 viewing the presentation via Live-stream. There were 15 presentations from medical, nursing and allied health Network members on a range of topics including rehabilitation in the home, the development of co-located shared trauma services and the use of prosthetic devices. The co-chairs of the Network, Dr Kathleen McCarthy & Sandra Lever also provided members with an update on recent achievements and future directions for the Network. Feedback received has been very positive and will be used to plan future Network events.

Forum Program

List of presentations

Welcome to country, Housekeeping and ACI Rehabilitation Network Update

The Rankin Park Day Hospital Co-Design Project
Phil Orcher, Project Officer, PEACE, ACI, Claire O’Connor, Director of Allied Health, SESLHD and Helen Baines, CNC & Angela Johnson, CNS and Coordinator, Rankin Park, John Hunter Hospital, HNELHD

Rehabilitation In The Home - A Subacute Hospital In The Home Pilot Program
Catherine Carnegie, Physiotherapist, Jade Martin, Occupational Therapist and Tuan-Anh Nguyen, Rehabilitation Staff Specialist, Campbelltown and Camden Hospital, SWSLHD

Developing a co-located shared care trauma rehabilitation model for the Australian Healthcare System
Dr Megan Cameron, St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney

“Rapidly Responding to your patients Rehabilitation needs” RRRT
Melissa Bonser, Clinical Nurse Consultant and Jarrod Waterlow, Physiotherapist, Liverpool Hospital, SWSLHD

Stroke In-reach rehabilitation – The formation of the Stroke Acute Rehabilitation Team (START)
Abby Wall, Senior Physiotherapist, Royal North Shore Hospital, NSLHD

Redesigning the rehabilitation consult service using a screening process
Dr Jane Wu, Staff Specialist, Rehabilitation Medicine, St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney

What outcomes do patients achieve with SMART acute-rehabilitation?
Jamie Brugman, Occupational Therapist, Westmead Hospital, WSLHD

Encouraging participation in sport and recreation: What is the best way to do it in Paediatric Rehabilitation?
Rebecca Elliott, Kids Rehab-Project Officer, Westmead and Randwick Hospitals, SCHN

[F]improvement - Functional Improvement, Falls & Continence Care in Rehabilitation
Andrew Murray, Clinical Nurse Consultant, Prince of Wales Hospital, SESLHD

Improvements in mobility function for stroke patients participating in Stroke Circuit Group (SCG) in Rehabilitation Day Hospital (RDH) setting
Zheng Cao, Physiotherapist, HammondCare Greenwich Hospital  

Evaluating and enhancing upper limb prosthetic use during everyday activities
Matthew Sproats, Head of Department, Occupational Therapy, Westmead and Auburn Hospitals, WSLHD

Applying aphasia rehabilitation for Vietnamese patients
Jacinda Choy and Shing Yee Chai, Speech Pathologists, Hammondcare Braeside Hospital

The assessment of i-REAP over an 18 month period
Annabel Kingsford, Integrated Rehabilitation and Enablement Programme ‘iREAP’ Care Co-ordinator, War Memorial Hospital, SESLHD

To Baseline and Beyond – Community Connections Post TACP
Michelle Cheng, TACP Coordinator, Nhung Huynh, Acting Senior Occupational Therapist and Hillary Beehag, Physiotherapist, Bankstown Transitional Aged Care Program, SWSLHD

Putting Acute in Subacute
Keerthana Salprakash, War Memorial Hospital, SESLHD