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Making Change: Designing Change Projects

Using a simple methodology can help to step you through the change process. Adding structure to your approach will make it easier to plan what happens when and who needs to know what.

eLearning Support

Redesign eLearning is available on the NSW Health platform, My Health Learning. The aim of this course is to provide healthcare staff with the knowledge and skills they need to improve healthcare by applying a structured Redesign methodology. This methodology is a blend of project management, improvement science and implementation science, which are all critical components to assist staff to deliver changes that make a real impact on making healthcare more effective and efficient for patients and staff.

Designed to provide access to flexible learning opportunities, modules and assessments can be completed at each individual’s own pace and at a time that suits them.

The Redesign Learning Pathway is available to all NSW Health employees state-wide.

Please contact your local administrator if you have any questions accessing the platform.

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