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Health Literacy Hub and Consumer Enablement Guide Launch - 3 December 2018

Presentation  S1-P1 Launch of the WSLHD Health Literacy Hub - Professor Don Nutbeam

Presentation  S1-P2 Health Literacy Interventions Current and Future Exemplars - Professor Michael-Paasche-Orlow (Keynote)

Presentation  S1-P3 Improving health literacy what we know and what we don’t know; and what could make a difference - Professor Kirsten McCaffery

Presentation  S1-P4 Using health literacy approaches to ensure no one is left behind An update on World Health Organisation (WHO) ~ Professor Richard Osborne

Presentation  S2-P1 Consumer Enablement: a clinicians’ guide – Regina Osten

Presentation  S2-P2 Suzi s story. The experience of being enabled, or not - Coralie Wales

Presentation  S2-P3 Shared Decision Making in Osteoarthritis Care A pilot project with three demonstration sites across NSW - Professor Lyndal Trevena

Presentation  S3-P1 Introduction to Health Literacy in Primary Care Progress and Lessons - Adjunct Associate Professor Walter Kmet

Presentation  S3-P2 Health literacy in primary care UK perspectives - Professor Joanne Protheroe (Keynote)

Presentation  S3-P3 Health Literacy and Preventive Care in General Practice - Scientia Professor Mark Harris

Presentation  S4A-P1 Standards and national action for improving health literacy - Naomi Poole

Presentation  S4A-P2 Statewide Health Literacy framework - Kay de Ridder

Presentation  S4A-P3 The ISLHD Patient Information Portal (PIP) - Fiorina Mastorianni & Dr Danielle Muscat

Presentation  S4B-P1 Developing & Measuring Health Literacy in Culturally & Linguistically Diverse and Aboriginal Communities - Jo Medlin

Presentation  S4B-P2 Is keeping it simple really that easy Adapting health messages for young families - Michelle Nolan & Bonny Keevers

Presentation  S4B-P3 Partners in Care Redesigning health coaching to deliver person-centred care and support self-management - Brendon McDougall & Anna McGlynn

Presentation  S4C-P2 Parenting Plus Program Embedding health literacy into new parents  groups - Dr Danielle Muscat & Anne Harris

Presentation  S4C-P3 An innovative health literacy intervention in general practice - HeLP-GP - Scientia Professor Mark Harris