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Focus Groups

Focus Groups are a way gaining the patient's and/or carer's views on the way health services are delivered, from their perspective.  It involves group discussion centred around gaining insight into what the patients think we, as health professionals, do well and how we can improve their experieince. 

For further information about the benefits of focus groups, please download the Report of the Findings of the Focus Groups for Older People and Carers, by the Acute Geriatric Service, Northern Illawarra Hospital Group, Southern Hospitals Network, South Eastern Sydney Illawarra Area Health Service, September 2006.  This report demonstrates the value of gathering observations and perceptions of patients and carers into how they see the health system.  The report centres around key themes of communication, participation, environment and discharge planning.  Monitoring and implementation has also been included.  The report also includes questions to guide focus group discussions. 


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