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Collect Patient and Carer Stories

The ACI Patient Experience and Consumer Engagement (PEACE) team uses a method for capturing and analysing patient and carer experiences. The method of enquiry deliberately goes beyond questions of satisfaction, and explores patient and carer perceptions of their care and what the patients experienced.

When it is skilfully employed, the method enables NSW Health service managers and health leaders to:

  • understand exactly where patient and carer experience can be improved
  • collect 'mobilising narratives' that help inspire health teams to improve their service.

The method involves discussions with a number of patients and carers who have experienced a particular patient journey within the past month. The method features:

  • a lightly structured discussion using open questions
  • discussions conducted in the patient and carers own home or venue of their choice
  • facilitation by suitably skilled staff.

Patients and carers are informed about the intention to understand and improve the health service. They're invited to describe their recent health care experience and to reflect on the most positive aspects of their experience and constructive criticism. They are reassured about the benefits their input will bring to improving the NSW Health system and the fact that their privacy will be carefully guarded.

This page includes detailed information and resources about the method. If you would like further information, please email




1. Identify and invite individual patients and carers to participate

  • Define target population
  • Invite them to take part
  • How many to interview
  • Avoiding bias

A Guide for Collecting Patient & Carer Stories PDF File (1.3 MB)

2. Set up the discussions

  • Where to interview
  • Who should attend
  • How long it will take

3. Facilitate the discussions

  • Skills required
  • Introductions
  • Skillful listening and questioning
  • Analysis
  • Ending the discussion

4. Record and analyse the insights of patients and carers

  • How and where to record insights

5. Presenting the results

  • Data
  • Patient and carer insights

6. Use the knowledge: to improve patient and carer experience

  • Target the top problems (as shown by data)
  • Use insights to design solutions
  • Who else in needs to know/act?
  • Discuss your solutions with other patients and carers

7. Remeasure to see if your solutions worked

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