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NSW Health Nutrition Care Policy

The NSW Health Nutrition Care Policy sets out the NSW Health framework for a strategic and coordinated approach to nutrition care and support from admission to transfer of care.

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Patient Nutrition Care Journey

Patient Menu Selection

The “Patient menu selection process” is one of the first steps in providing an opportunity for adequate consumption of food and fluids. It is one of many processes that work together to ensure the right food and fluids are provided to the right person at the right time, whilst offering choice.


The key elements of a safe patient menu selection process are:

Choice – the opportunity to select from a menu

Observation and Opportunities - nutrition surveillance

Identification – of the patient and any issues to be addressed

Integration – with other health care activities

Communication and Collaboration – between staff, between patients and staff, between different services

Engagement – of patients in their care

Safe Systems – menu management, recruitment and supervision of staff, issue escalation