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NSW Paediatric Rheumatology Model of Care


Model of Care for the NSW Paediatric Rheumatology Network
(pdf - 2.1MB)

The ACI Musculoskeletal Network, in collaboration with Arthritis NSW, has developed a model of care to support the management of children and young people with rheumatic diseases in NSW.

The aim is to provide families living with these diseases expert contemporary health care with consistent messages, and support of ongoing care close to home.

Following the launch of the model of care by Emeritus Professor Kim Oates in May 2013, the Musculoskeletal Network will continue to work with the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network, clinical teams across NSW, and community members to:

  • Undertake a baseline economic analysis to enable ongoing analyses of the health system benefits of the application of the model of care across NSW
  • Develop agreed and appropriate pathways of care with Local Health Districts across NSW, and their primary care partners – general practitioners, Medicare Locals, community allied health and consumer groups
  • Develop an agreed suite of clinical outcomes data collection to inform required changes to the model of care delivery, to benchmark clinical activity, and report on health outcomes for the children and families accessing the NSW Paediatric Rheumatology Network
  • Implement the model of care collaboratively.

View the Implementation progress poster

Consumer support of the model of care

Health professionals from the ACI Musculoskeletal Network have worked closely with Arthritis NSW, parents of children with rheumatic disease and young people with the disease to better understand their experience. They have informed the model of care through:

  • formal qualitative research
  • participation in Expert Reference Group forums
  • telling their stories in written format and for the following presentation.

Read the article Consumer Perspectives on Pediatric Rheumatology Care and Service Delivery: A Qualitative Study

Consumer Resource

A new resource for children, young people and their families living with a rheumatological condition such as Juvenile Arthritis can be found at: It has information and stories from children, young people and families of those living with these conditions as well as:

  • Information about your condition
  • Some common treatments the doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and others may suggest you use to manage your condition
  • Other things you may want to know about living with these conditions
  • And where you can go to get more support in NSW.

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