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Co-design and Collaborative Cultures Launch and Workshop Event

The Co-design and Collaborative Cultures Launch and Workshop event was hosted on the 9th August 2019 bringing together over 80 people working within or who have an interest in the mental health sector including consumers, carers, clinicians, managers, academics and policy makers.

The event was hosted as a celebration of the hard work that has been undertaken to develop supportive resources for NSW Health services to be able to effectively partner and work collaboratively with consumers, carers, families and kinship groups to provide greater input into care delivery, service design and systems of care for positive healthcare system transformation.

The Co-design Capability Guide and Building collaborative cultures of care within NSW mental health services e-Toolkit serve as a guide to highlight the capabilities, demonstrated behaviours, key actions and service enablers required that support co-design and collaborative partnerships to successfully occur at individual and organisational levels.

The program outlines the event and includes keynote speaker’s bios

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