Building collaborative cultures of care

within NSW mental health services

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Implementing trauma informed care practices to strengthen collaborative cultures

South Eastern Sydney Illawarra Local Health District

Aim of the project was to have a positive impact on consumers, clinicians and the clinical environment by embedding trauma-informed care principles into clinical practice (through identification, support and better collaboration with consumers).

Service targeted

Mental Health Services, SESLHD

How was the project embedded within practice?

  • Established of a project working group who had clear aims and objectives.
  • Disseminated pre-surveys to determine clinician’s current knowledge and use of trauma-informed care principles.
  • Educational intervention to:
    • increase clinician understanding of the consumer’s experience of trauma
    • increase understanding that some care practices can re-traumatise
    • encourage clinical practices that assist in making a consumer to feel safer
  • Used the 5 principles of trauma-informed care as evidenced in the literature.
  • Disseminated post-surveys measuring success of the implementation of trauma-informed care practices into clinical practice.

What worked well?

  • Safety, Consumer Wellness and Care Plans were reported post-implementation of being completed collaboratively with the consumer 80% of time.
  • Collaboration has had a positive impact for consumers, clinicians and the clinical environment.
  • Information exchange between consumer and clinician strengthened consumer and clinician motivation.