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Diagnosing patients with Intellectual Disability

A Paediatrician, and 2 GPs and a Registered Nurse ( CNC ) speak about the difficulties of diagnosis and the common health problems of people with intellectual disability. They discuss their approaches to care and discuss a case study of a man (Danny) who exhibited behavioural changes until his GP diagnosed an advanced ear infection. They discuss the GP Management Plan, conducting a health assessment and then give helpful tips for GPs .

Video contents

  1. What difficulties are there in the diagnosis of health issues in patients with ID ? 0:00
  2. What are seen as frequently occurring health conditions in patients with ID ? 1:45
  3. Case Study – Danny 3:13
  4. What can we do to ensure a person with ID can access a proper assessment and management? 4:41
  5. General Practice Management Plan 7:42
  6. Comprehensive health management 9:16
  7. Tips for GPs 10:21



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