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Continuity of care in Intellectual Disability: Jimmy's journey

This video demonstrates an integrated care approach for someone with autism spectrum disorder and chronic and complex health problems. Two GPs , a Registered Nurse ( CNC ) and a Specialist Doctor discuss Jimmy. He is diagnosed by his GP with aspiration pneumonia and they track his journey through pre-admission, hospital stay, discharge planning and discharge to the community where he goes back to his GP and has an allied health referral through effective use of medicare item numbers. They discuss good communication skills and the involvement of carers.

Video contents

  1. Background 0:00
  2. The GP visit 1:28
  3. The hospital visit 2:54
  4. Transition to hospital 3:21
  5. Assessing Jimmy in hospital 7:05
  6. Common things to exclude in assessment 8:58
  7. Effective communication skills 10:00
  8. Transfer back home 10:59


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