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If you have already completed the self-assessment tool, here are the links to next steps for the specific supports and resources for each of the key actions. Please use these to research further information to implement change in your organisation.

Agency for Clinical Innovation The ACI works with clinicians, consumers and managers to design and
promote better healthcare for NSW
NSW Health NSW Government health website with links to health information and guidance
First Peoples Disability Network FPDN is governed by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living with disability
NSW Council  for Intellectual Disability The NSW CID works with and for people with ID and has available
useful health information sheets
NSW Ombudsman The NSW Ombudsman supports people with disability, including in health-related matters
NSW Health Education and Training Institute HETI aims to improve the health of NSW and the working lives of NSWHealth staff through education and training
Department of  Developmental Disability Neuropsychiatry, UNSW 3DN is part of the School of Psychiatry, UNSW Medicine and focuses on the health and mental health of people with ID
Intellectual Disability Behaviour  Support Program – UNSW Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences The program aims to increase knowledge and workforce capacity in the delivery of services to people with cognitive disabilities with complex support needs
Independent Hospital Pricing  Authority IHPA implements the national ABF for Australian public hospitals
Legislation / Policy

United Nations Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities

The UNCRPD outlines the rights of people with disabilities – see Article 25 for health matters
Disability Inclusion  Act 2014 – overview of the Act

A summary of the Act

The National Disability Insurance Scheme Act (2013)

A scheme to fund individualised support for  eligible people with disability

National Disability Strategy (2010–2020)

The national  approach to supporting people with disability to maximise their potential  and participate Australian society

National  Disability Insurance Scheme

The implementation of the Scheme

My Health Record  system and Healthcare Identifiers

A digital health record for a patient containing a summary of their health information

NSW Health Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2016–2019

NSW Health system’s plan for access  to services and  employment for people regardless of disability

NSW State health plan: Towards 2021

A strategic framework  bringing together NSW Health’s existing plans

Stronger together: A  new direction for disability services in NSW 2006–2016

A 10-year plan involving major reforms and service expansions
NSW Carers (Recognition) Act 2010 The Act defines who a carer is and establishes the NSW Carers Charter
Admission to Discharge Care Coordination Five steps in coordinating patient care to improve the patient experience and flow

Memorandum of understanding between ADHC & NSW Health in the provision  of services to people with an intellectual disability and mental illness

The MOU outlines the principles for collaboration and the guidelines outline the procedures.

NSW Health & Ageing and  Disability and Home Care (ADHC) joint guideline Awareness raising about staff roles and responsibilities for people with disability before, during and after transfer of care from hospital
Responding to needs of people with  disability during hospitalisation A framework for the provision of care for people with disability during hospitalisation
Children and young people’s continuing care national framework - UK Guidance for clinical commissioning groups when assessing the needs of children and young people whose complex needs cannot be met by universal or specialist health services (UK)
Challenging behaviour and learning disabilities overview – NICE Challenging behaviour and learning disabilities overview
The guide: Accessible mental health services for people with an intellectual disability: A guide for providers National framework for mental health service providers working with people with ID
Intellectual disability mental health  core competency framework: A manual for  mental health professionals The skill set required by mental health professionals working with people with ID
Into practice: Tips for doctors This General Medical Council (UK) website aims to help doctors provide better care for people with ID. A practical resource for developing the ID workforce from the UK.
Meet Jessica Workshop  Resources – School-Link at the Children’s Hospital, Westmead NSW CHW resource promoting an awareness of the needs of children and adolescents with ID
Intellectual  disability: mental health e-learning (UNSW 3DN) Free e-learning about ID for professionals, carers and consumers
Reports / Standards / Frameworks
Service framework to improve the  health care of people with intellectual disability NSW Health framework describing a tiered model of care to reduce health inequalities for people with ID
Cause of death and potentially avoidable deaths in Australian adults with intellectual disability using retrospective linked data A 2017 report by Julian Trollor, Preeyaporn Srasuebkul, Han Xu, Sophie Howlett
Evaluation report on the Developmental Psychiatry Clinic The Developmental Psychiatry Clinic is a partnership between the Children's Hospital Westmead and Statewide Behaviour Intervention Service (ADHC)
Intellectual disability resources The Royal College of Psychiatrists produces a range of materials for mental health professionals and the public
Health status and risk factors of  Australians withdisability 2007–08 and 2011–12 Health-related factors affect the health status of Australians with disability
Intellectual disability health  content within medical curriculum: an audit of what  our future doctors are taught Undergraduate opportunities as a way of building future workforce capability
Improving healthcare provided to people with intellectual disability: The role of  mainstream and specialist services Position statement by the NSW ACI ID Health Network
Transition between inpatient hospital settingsand community or care home settings  for adults with social care needs Recommendations for health and social care practitioners in meeting the needs of people with ID
Some steps up the mountain: Audit  report on action from the National roundtable  on the mental health of people with  intellectual disability Audit report on action from the National Roundtable on the Mental Health of People with ID
Report of reviewable deaths in 2012 and 2013 volume 2: Deaths of people with disability in residential care Recommendations from the NSW Ombudsman include the support for people in residential care to maximise their health outcomes.
Creating Inclusive NSW hospitals Addressing the need for health services to meet the needs of people with disability
Psychotropic drug prescribing for  people with intellectual disability, mental  health problems and/or behaviours that challenge:  practice guidelines The Royal College of Psychiatrists proposes standards for improving clinical practice
WA Disability Health Framework 2015–2025: Improving the health care of people with disability To support health services when developing policy and designing services for better health outcomes for people with disability

Patient perspectives: Exploring experiences of hospital care for people with disability

This report examines experiences of patients with disability in NSW public hospitals, using 2015 Adult Admitted Patient data

Specific specialised ID health services in  NSW
For a full list see Mapping of NSW Specialised ID Health Services (2015) – Password protected; seek LHD permission

The Developmental Psychiatry Clinic

A multidisciplinary clinic for young people with ID and emotional/ behavioural problems

Disability Assessment and Rehabilitation Team for Young People (DARTYP) Concord

A specialist team working with people with multiple lifelong disabilities


A multidisciplinary health service for people with ID, across the age ranges

Northern Sydney Intellectual Disability Health Team

NSIDHT is a multidisciplinary health service for school aged children, adolescents and adults diagnosed with ID and complex health needs

NSW Developmental Disability Health Unit

DDHU is a statewide health clinic for adolescents and adults with a developmental disability

Specialist Dental Centre

A service for children and adults in Western Sydney LHD

Child development services at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead A multidisciplinary health service for children and adolescents diagnosed with ID and complex health needs
Metro Regional Intellectual Disability (MRID) Kogarah Based at St George Hospital a specialist service for people of all ages with intellectual disability
Allowah Presbyterian Children's Hospital Supporting children with intellectual disability and medical needs
Sydney Dental Hospital Special care dentistry for children and adults