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NSW colonoscopy categorisation

High quality, timely colonoscopy is critical to the early detection and treatment of bowel cancer and other gastrointestinal conditions.

Increasing demand for colonoscopy services has led to the need for criteria for the categorisation and prioritisation of patients presenting to NSW public hospital colonoscopy services.

The NSW Colonoscopy Categorisation Clinical Practice Guide aims to aid clinicians who receive colonoscopy referrals in triaging patients.

There are three clinical priority categories for patients who require a colonoscopy. Each category has a defined period within which patients should receive colonoscopy:

  • Category 1: within 30 days
  • Category 2: within 90 days
  • Category 3: within 365 days.#

Download the full guide: NSW Colonoscopy Categorisation Clinical Practice Guide

A summary of the clinical priority categories is also available as a separate one-page document .

Download the categorisation guide development process document: NSW Colonoscopy Categorisation Clinical Practice Guide – Development Process.

About the guide

The Guide is intended to support gastroenterologists, surgeons, general practitioners (GPs), clinical nurse consultants, GP endoscopists and waiting list managers to appropriately manage colonoscopy services. It aims to: