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Inpatient management of diabetes during the COVID-19 pandemic

Diabetes has been recognised as a condition that increases morbidity and mortality risk in people infected with COVID-19. Therefore, diabetes identification and treatment are critical to optimal outcomes in people with the virus.

This document supports the development of localised guidelines on optimal diabetes care during the pandemic.

Consideration of existing protocols, resources and expertise are recommended for the identification and management of diabetes in hospitalised patients.

As highlighted within the document, the Australian Diabetes Society (ADS) Guide for the Management of Diabetes during the COVID-19 pandemic provides content for consideration in service delivery; the COVID-19 Infection Preventions and Control Response and Escalation Framework provides guidance on the various levels of COVID-19 transmission risk; and the Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Hospital COVID-19 Glycaemic Control Flowchart is an example of a current Inpatient Management flowchart.

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