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Burn Rehabilitation Management videos

26 and 27 May, 2016 at Royal North Shore Hospital. Contact the ACI web team for video transcripts.

Introduction to ACI Statewide Burn Injury Service - Anne Darton

Rehabilitation in the burn injury context - Dr Brian Zeman

Pathophysiology of burn injuries - Dr Johnny Kwei

Surgical Management in Burns - Dr Johnny Kwei

Pain Management after Burn Injury - John Turner

Burn Wound Management in Rehabilitation setting - Kate Welsh

Psychosocial impact and management of burn injuries - Julia Kwiet

Adjustment to burns, the long hard road, the psychiatrist's role - Assoc Prof Loyola Mclean

Psychosocial impact and management of burn injuries - Dr Rachel Kornhaber

Nutrition and Burn Rehabilitation - Caroline Nicholls

Burns Reconstruction Surgery - Dr Jeon Cha

Burn Scar Management - Akane Katsu

Exercise and Rehabilitation following a burn injury - Louisa Wardrope

Splinting - Andrea McKittrick

Rehabilitation of voice and swallowing disorders in the patient with severe burn injury - Nicola Clayton