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Anaesthesia Perioperative Care Clinician Storybook

Effective communication is an essential part of providing high quality care. The Anaesthesia Perioperative Care Network (APCN) interviewed people to find out about their experiences with surgery and general anaesthesia. The APCN is sharing these experiences with you in order to foster better conversations between patients, carers and clinicians. The ability to communicate effectively is a core skill for understanding and engaging with patients, for negotiating appropriate treatment, for ensuring health care practices are safe, and to encourage patients to be actively involved in their care and recovery.

This storybook uses storyboards to share some of the key issues confronting people who undergo general anaesthesia and offers questions to enable health care providers to reflect on their current attitudes and practices. Ideally, it will encourage more person centred approaches to health care delivery.

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Each story has been made into a poster.

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