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Minimum Standards for the Management of Hip Fractures

Hip fractures as a result of a fall are a common occurrence for older Australians – some 17,000 cases present to emergency departments across the country each year. This can result in significant medical complications, ill health and even death.

Surgery to repair the fracture, rehabilitation after surgery and the patient’s discharge home from hospital can all be delayed if medical complications are not recognised and managed quickly.

Hip Fracture Care Clinical Care Standard

The ACI Minimum Standards for the Management of Hip Fracture has been superceded by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care Hip Fracture Care Clinical Care Standard. The ACI Standards are included below for reference only.

The Standards

Seven Standards have been identified to assist hospitals in the management of patients with hip fractures.

Minimum Standards for the Management of Hip Fracture

Standard 1 video Standard 2 video Standards 3-4 videoStandards 5-6 video

Standard 1 Orthgeratric clinical management of each patient Standard 2 - Optimal pain management

Standard 3 - Surgery within 48 hr and in hoursStandard 4 - Patient's surgery is not cancelled

Standard 5 - Commencement of mobilisation within 24 hr of surgeryStandard 6 - Refracture prevention

Standard 7 - Local ownership of data systems/processes to drive improvements in care

Further Information and Background


Crystal Burgess
Surgical Services Taskforce Manager