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Carer support groups

Carer support groups offer a chance for carers to meet with others in a similar situation, learn from each other and gain skills. Carers sometimes find the connection with other carers carries them through tough times.

Allied health professionals, or your local Alzheimer’s Australia organisation, can put the people around you in touch with support groups in your area.

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Eleanor's story

Eleanor has been caring for her mother since she developed dementia. Eleanor initially lived nearby, visiting often, then moved in with her mum. She is determined to maintain her own life as much as possible, with teaching commitments and time away from home. But there are a lot of restrictions, and she finds it very challenging. She finds the carer support group she attends invaluable, despite being initially sceptical. Part of its value lies in talking to people in similar circumstances and being able to vent feelings without judgement. But it’s also seeing that others, too, need time out and need support. On top of that, there are the skills and insights gained from the allied health professional who leads discussions, and from some of the techniques taught at the group, such as meditation.