Key funding questions

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Funding criteria questions

To achieve the best outcomes for the person’s rehabilitation, once the insurance status of the injury and age at injury is determined, answers are required for the following questions.

  • What are the agencies involved? For each agency involved:
    • What are the eligibility criteria? Each agency has its own eligibility criteria.
    • What will the funding be based on? Each agency has its own criteria.
    • Who provides the funded services? Each agency has its own criteria.
    • How are services managed? Self-managing and managed by service providers.

Case management is often part of how these questions are answered in each particular case.

Agency questions

Key questions for brain injury specialist rehabilitation services and each funding agency, e.g. NDIS, icare, Aged Care.

  • Where are the boundaries between brain injury specialist rehabilitation and the agency?
  • How are these boundaries managed?
  • What’s required in the best interests of the clients?
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