Foundation activities

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Adherence to safety and quality standards

The LHDs and speciality networks adhere to the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards.17

Community education

The LHDs and speciality networks provide publicly available information regarding the nature and scope of their brain injury specialist rehabilitation programs.

Equitable and transparent access to rehabilitation programs and settings

There is transparency in decision making regarding access to and utilisation of brain injury specialist rehabilitation services.

Education, training and research

Staff engagement in brain injury specialist rehabilitation education, training and research is valued and facilitated.

Collaboration with key stakeholders

In addition to users of the service and their natural supports, key stakeholders may include referrers into the service and peer support groups, as well as service providers in the next phase of the brain injury specialist rehabilitation continuum.

Collaboration and coordination with key stakeholders for individuals with brain injury

There are mechanisms in place to ensure there is coordination and communication between the various stakeholders in relation to individuals with brain injury.

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