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Published on 1 Nov 2011

Post procedure diet - bariatric

This document is part of the ACI Diet Specifications for Adult Inpatients. It is not to be used for patient education.


To provide a diet of pureed and soft foods suitable for patients following bariatric surgery.


Foods are soft or blended to a smooth, even texture. All foods are served moist or with a sauce or gravy where possible. High-fat and high-energy foods are avoided.


For the first two to four weeks, after initial fluid bariatric diets, following bariatric surgery.

Nutritional adequacy

This diet is low in all nutrients and should not be used as the sole source of nutritional support for an extended period without supervision by a dietitian.


Patients should be served very small meals only (approximately 60g total per meal). Emphasis should be on high-protein foods and vegetables, with high-carbohydrate foods being secondary. Beverages and foods should not be ingested together. Patients must be educated to select no more than three items per meal from a selective menu.


Suitable for use in paediatrics when combined with an age-appropriate diet.

Specific menu planning guidelines

Allowed Not allowed
Hot main dishes

All pureed and served with low-fat gravy

Very small serves only

Sauces, graviesNone separate – serve meal with lemon wedge -
Starchy vegetables / pasta / ricePureed; very small serve -
VegetablesPureed; very small serve -
SoupsPureed; allowed only if no main ordered -
Sandwiches None -
Salads, dressings None -
Breads, cereals None -
Spreads None -
Hot breakfast choices None -
FruitPureed fruit; very small serveAll others
YoghurtDiet yoghurt -

Low-fat custard; small serves

Low-joule jelly

All others
Milk and cheeseSkim milkOther milk and all cheeses


Low-joule cordial

Black tea and coffee

Carbonated soft drinks

Biscuits None -
MiscellaneousVitamin and mineral supplements -


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