Wollondilly Health Alliance

The Wollondilly Health Alliance (WHA) is a partnership established in 2014 to develop new and innovative ways to connect health services and improve health care in the region.

Wollondilly Shire Council, South Western Sydney Primary Health Network and South Western Sydney Local Health District are the key members of the Alliance, with other health service providers, consumers and carers also playing an important role.


Originally funded by the NSW Ministry of Health on a time limited basis, all three key partners have continued funding the Alliance given its significant value for the local community.

Governance structure

Executive Sponsors

Meetings are held bimonthly with key agencies’ CEs or their delegated authorities.

Operational Committee

Meetings are held bimonthly with representations from:

  • Key partners
  • GPs
  • NGOs
  • Aged Care agencies
  • Aboriginal Health

Working Groups

Three working groups meet monthly:

  1. Prevention and Promotion
  2. Care/Service Delivery
  3. Health in Planning

Prioritisation process

The WHA engaged a consultant during 2014 to develop a health needs assessment for the Wollondilly area. Approximately 500 community members were consulted through a survey about service satisfaction and needs. The needs analysis was complemented by an analysis of patient demographics and health status, as well as additional expert consultation. This process generated an evidence-based list of priorities from which a work plan was developed.

Workshops are now run every six months, where members of all WHA committees review the listed priorities.

Current priorities

WHA’s current priorities include:

  • health services planning aligned to predicted population increase
  • preventative health
  • better sharing of patient health information
  • improving access to community health services
  • increasing community awareness about local health services and treatment options
  • attracting and retaining health professionals

The Alliance has supported a wide range of projects including:

Examples of projects




To use technology to support patients to manage their care needs.

  • equipping participants with electronic self-monitoring tools in conjunction with their GPs.

Dilly Wanderer

To provide access to a range of lifestyle activities and programs to more remote locations in the region.

A mobile community engagement and information service which provides:

  • child development information sessions
  • Tai-Chi classes
  • Heart Foundation walking groups
  • workshops on healthy lifestyles to primary schools

Healthy Towns

To support and promote healthy eating, active lifestyles and wellbeing with a localised approach.

  • installation of outdoor gym equipment
  • establishment of a community garden
  • promotion of the ‘Get Healthy at Work’ program
  • supporting an Aboriginal Community Wellbeing photography program

Wollondilly Wellbeing Network

To promote mental health using the ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’ framework.

  • establishing the Wollondilly Wellbeing Network
  • developing and implementing strategies outlined in the wellbeing action plan for advocating for wellbeing across the region
  • promotional activities
  • conducting education sessions and training of ‘champions’

Telehealth Clinics

To enable patients to connect to specialists who are not located in the region through video cameras and monitors.

Telehealth Clinics in Wollondilly:

  • Picton Family Medical Practice
  • Tahmoor Medical Centre
  • Tahmoor Medical, Allied & Alternative Therapies
  • Warragamba Medical Centre
  • Wollondilly Community Health Centre


To prevent the ‘at risk’ population from developing diabetes, and people with diabetes type 2 from developing complications.

  • establishing multidisciplinary teams in community health centres (Endocrinologist, Podiatrist, Dietitian, Diabetes Educator) to provide advice to GPs
  • raising community awareness of the program
  • training and education of community members who are able to support others

Secure Messaging

To increase the uptake and routine use of secure messaging delivery and sharing (including referrals, reports, results and care plans) across Wollondilly primary healthcare providers.

  • 83% of Wollondilly GPs have secure messaging installed
  • 9 specialists and 8 allied health providers also have the software installed.

Key achievements

The Wollondilly Health Alliance’s achievements to date include:

  • increasing the number of engaged and empowered people active in their own care
  • establishing effective ways to deliver local services
  • reducing the need for hospital presentation
  • enhancing community’s knowledge and participation in preventative health
  • increasing inter community connections and wellbeing

For further information please visit the Wollondilly Health Alliance webpage.