Healthcare Neighbourhoods Collaborative

One in six Australians sees three or more health professionals for the same condition, and many people report problems caused by a lack of communication between their health professionals.1

When people receive more coordinated, continuous care they experience improved clinical outcomes and greater satisfaction with care.2,3

The Agency for Clinical Innovation is partnering with Primary Health Networks and Local Health Districts in Nepean Blue Mountains, Northern Sydney and Western Sydney to trial a Healthcare Neighbourhoods model using a collaborative methodology.

The aims of the partnerships are to:

  • develop and strengthen relationships between local care providers
  • support development of effective neighbourhood structures, systems and processes that lead to more coordinated care and better health outcomes for people in the community.

Healthcare Neighbourhoods are made up of consumers and health and social care providers working within a defined geographic area. Providers can include people working in general practices, Aboriginal medical services, hospitals, aged care providers, private allied health practices, non-government organisations and community health.

Three Healthcare Neighbourhoods are being trialled in NSW:

  • Auburn (Western Sydney district, multicultural health focus)
  • Hornsby/Ku-ring-gai (Northern Sydney district)
  • Upper Blue Mountains (Nepean Blue Mountains district).

Commencing soon, a series of workshops will be held with neighbours from each local area. Neighbours will come together to meet each other, discuss opportunities for change and learn how to trial changes within their workplaces using a structured methodology.

For more information or to register your interest in taking part in the Collaborative, please contact:

Angela Wicks, Project Officer  | |  0436 658 192

Hornsby Ku-ring-gai
Rachael Sinclair, Project Officer  | |  0436 629 347

Upper Blue Mountains
David Follent, Project Officer  | |  0437 629 004


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