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Regional Aged Care – Hospital Avoidance

Added: 25 August 2014

A Regional Aged Care Working Party has been established within the Rural Health Network to work through options for residential aged care residents to access emergency care for certain disorders or conditions, which do not necessitate transportation to ED from the RACF. The Working Party will aim to identify potential current successful regional aged care hospital avoidance models and work with rural health service providers to prioritise a model for broader implementation. The working party will be time limited to 12 months October 2013 – October 2014.


A draft Report and Compendium has been developed, listing current established Aged Care Hospital Avoidance models of care as a ‘one stop shop’ resource for service providers to review some of the diverse range of innovative programs across the state, when considering options which might meet local need. The Models of Care presented in the documents represent a synthesis and analysis of options (metropolitan and regional); listing programs, the resources and partnerships required for implementation and sustainability, key stakeholder contacts and websites for further information. We welcome feedback on the two documents: the Draft Report and Draft Compendium, using the link below. The deadline for feedback is 29 September 2014.