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Draft: Care of the Person Following Amputation

Care of the person following amputation: minimum standards of care - specifies the minimum standards of care that public and private health services in NSW are expected to provide for people facing the prospect of, or those already living with, limb loss.

By clearly describing the minimum standards of care that are expected of services in NSW, it is hoped that undesirable variations in care can be reduced, clinical practice will increasingly align with the research evidence and standards of care will continue to improve.

The ACI Rehabilitation Network Amputee Working Party has developed these standards of care for use by services across NSW. They apply across the entire patient journey from pre-surgical, to early rehabilitation and lifelong care.

Feedback and comments are requested on:

  • Evidence based care
  • Missing links to resources or relevant policies
  • Quality measures
  • Factual accuracy

All responses will be collated and provided to the Working Group for consideration.

The deadline for comments is Friday 6th January, 2017.

Please direct any enquiries to Claire O’Connor, ACI Rehabilitation Network Manager at or 9464 4639.

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