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Orthoptic Standing Committee

Current Focus

The Orthoptic Standing Committee (OSC) is working across a range of age groups and has participated in issues driven working groups. This has involved working with Primary Health and Community Partnerships Branch of NSW Health on the design and implementation of the Statewide Eye Preschooler Screening (StEPS) Program. The OSC was successful in securing funding from NSW Health for the 'Train the Trainer' program for four year old vision screening for the StEPS program. The StEPS has also obtained funding from the SOS to undertake special projects and research.

Stroke and Vision Defects Working Group

This Stroke and Vision Defects Working Group (SVDWG) was established in 2009 with participants from NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Queensland to implement the recommendations of the Stroke Patient Care and Vision Defects Report. The group is working on the development of a vision screening tool for stroke clinicians. Validation of the tool commenced in February 2011.

Research/Special Projects

Eyeplaysafe Project (2009)

Findings of the Eye Health Promotion/Disease and Injury Prevention in School Aged Children literature review have been used to secure funding to develop an interactive computer game to inform children, parents, teachers and carers about paediatric ocular injuries. The OSC has worked with the Centre for Clinical Innovation of the Department of Education and Training to develop, trial and introduce the resource into NSW schools.

Eyeplaysafe went live on 1 February 2011 and can be viewed at:

Eye Health Promotion/Disease and Injury Prevention in School Aged Children (2006) – funded literature reviews of recent scientific evidence into paediatric ocular injury and paediatric ocular damage related to sunlight exposure have been completed.