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Trauma-informed care and practice in mental health services across NSW: Diagnostic report

This report summarises experiential and observational data collected across mental health services in NSW in an effort to understand what needs to happen to become trauma-informed.

Trauma-informed care is an approach to service delivery based on an understanding of the ways trauma affects people’s lives, their service needs and service usage. It incorporates principles of safety, choice, collaboration, trust and empowerment.

Adopting a trauma-informed care approach has the potential to:

  • reduce the use of seclusion and restraint
  • enhance therapeutic relationships and their basis in trust, collaboration, respect and hope
  • improve outcomes and value.

This report is part of the Trauma-Informed Care and Practice project, which aims to improve outcomes and experience for people who access mental health services in NSW through the development and evaluation of evidence-based strategies and approaches to promote a trauma-informed health system that recognises the impact of trauma and promotes resilience and healing.

The report follows on from the Trauma-informed care and mental health in NSW: Evidence report.

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