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Below is a list of previous trauma research that was conducted or supported by the NSW Institute of Trauma and Injury Management (ITIM). For current research projects, see the research projects page.

Evaluation of paediatric trauma

Title: Evaluation of the Paediatric Trauma System in NSW

Investigators: Professor Kate Curtis, Professor Kim Foster, Associate Professor Rebecca Mitchell, Dr Connie Van, Ms Belinda Kennedy


Aim: This study will determine the best processes of care for the severely-injured child in NSW. The development of a Paediatric Quality Audit Tool will soon be published.

Support sources: Funded by the Day of Difference Foundation, ACI, NHMRC, also supported by ITIM in-kind research support

Contacts: Prof Kate Curtis, University of Sydney,

Risk adjusted mortality outcomes

Title: Risk-adjusted mortality outcomes in New South Wales’ major trauma centres from 2011 to 2016

Authors: Dr David Gomez, Dr Pooria Sarrami, Mr Hardeep Singh, Associate Professor Michael Dinh, Professor Zsolt Balogh, Dr Jeremy Hsu

Support sources: NSW ITIM provided data and in-kind support

Contact: Dr Pooria Sarrami

Injury trends and mortality

Title: Injury Trends and Mortality in Patients with Major Trauma in NSW

Authors: Associate Professor Michael Dinh,  Professor Kate Curtis, Rebecca Mitchell, Kendall Bein, Zsolt Balogh, Ian Seppelt, Colin Deans, Rebecca Ivers, Saartje Berendsen Russell, Oran Rigby

Support sources: Funded and supported by ITIM in-kind research support

Contact: Associate Professor Michael Dinh,

Helicopter dispatch and control

Title: Physician staffed Helicopter Emergency Medical Service dispatch via centralised control and directly by crew versus centralised control alone – a before and after study

Authors: Dr Alan Garner, Careflight,

Support sources: Led and supported by ITIM (data provision)

Falls in the elderly

Title: Falls in the Older Person

Authors: Dr Jenny Miu, Prof Kate Curtis

Support sources: Led by ITIM

Rehabilitation outcomes after road trauma

Title: Rehabilitation outcomes of patients admitted after road trauma

Authors: Steven Faux, St Vincent’s hospital,

Support sources: Led and supported by ITIM (data provision)

Regional neurosurgical trauma

Title: The incidence of neurosurgical trauma presentations at two Regional Trauma Services in rural NSW and to compare the timelines to assessment in specialist neurosurgical tertiary facilities

Authors: Maryanne Sewell, Northern NSW LDH,

Support sources: HETI Rural Research Capacity Building Program, data provided by ITIM



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