Trauma e-Learning Modules

NSW ITIM is proposing the development, implementation and utilisation of virtual learning and clinical support environments to work in conjunction with the ITIM website and ACI Moodle site to provide streamlined access to all trauma clinicians in NSW, irrespective of location and profession that will aid in care of traumatically injured patients. The e-Learning program will be developed with the goal of the modules being hosted on the HETI Online site when suitable.

The e-Learning program will provide resources to assist clinicians in caring for the traumatically injured patients across the spectrum of trauma care with the aim of reducing unwarranted clinical variation. This program will provide support to trauma clinicians through the development of up-to-date evidence based education. This program involves the development of engaging, clinically focussed educational content together with formative and summative assessments, implementation tools and a certificate of completion.

Priorities for content subject development will be driven from needs identification from within the ITIM Education and Clinical Review committees and endorsed by the ITIM Executive Committee. Content will be developed in collaboration with the ITIM Education Committee utilising subject matter experts and supported by evidenced based practice. Where possible the development of the e-Learning packages will complement the development of the associated NSW ITIM Trauma Model of Care and other guidelines to assist in its implementation and uptake.

Current status: 2 modules developed and are being reviewed.

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