Ladder safety

Man on step ladderBetween 2010-2014 in NSW, falls from ladders across all ages resulted in: 8,496 hospital admissions (average 1,699 p.a.) and 51 deaths reported (average 10 p.a.)

  • 496 major trauma cases (average 99 p.a.) and 35 deaths (average 7 p.a.); 7.1% mortality
  • 154 admissions per 100,000 persons and 11 falls classified as major trauma per 100,000 persons in the 65-69 age group
  • peak age for injury in the 60-64 age group
  • majority of injuries to the head and thorax
  • majority of falls between 1-5m and classified as moderate or serious
  • majority of patients discharged home without requiring assistance (rehabilitation or care)

See the Report - Ladder injuries in NSW produced by ITIM for more information.

Ladder safety awareness project

ITIM seeks to reduce the number and severity of injuries from ladder falls in the home environment through a ladder safety awareness project in collaboration with Monash University.

The project will include:

  • Development of a microsite as a portal for ladder safety information.
  • Update of current ladder safety awareness information.
  • Multi-modal community awareness program.


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