Australian Trauma Team Training course


The Australian Trauma Team Training (ATTT) course, developed by NSW ITIM, is a multiprofessional, multidisciplinary simulation-based course that addresses teamwork skills and clinical practice relevant to trauma management. 


The specific objectives are to:
  • Expose trauma teams to simulated cases of serious trauma and provide them with an opportunity to rehearse early management of these cases focusing on their response and interaction as a team, not as individuals
  • Instruct teams in the specific behavioural skills and attitudes relevant to effective trauma teamwork including: team leadership/fellowship; principles of ‘crisis management’; team communication; negotiation and conflict resolution; safety culture
  • Revise general principles of trauma management according to recognised best practices in NSW
  • Revise specific management of key trauma conditions including head injury, major haemorrhage and multi-trauma

Run locally

The ATTT course is now run locally be each trauma service in NSW at least twice per year. Many local services have adopted the originally developed 1 day course to suit their local needs and constraints. 

Target audience

Attendance at the course is typically made up of 6 doctors and 6 nurses. The attendees must have trauma experience with knowledge of standard trauma management principles, such as those taught at the Early Management of Severe Trauma (EMST) or equivalent, as clinical training is only a minor feature of the course.

Clinicians are selected with the objective of those delegates, having completed the course, returning to their clinical unit and training others.

Contact your local trauma service for more information about local ATTT courses.  



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