• The trauma service will be required to work closely with the ITIM team and identify suitable patients who will be willing to participate in the Trauma PRM program.
  • Trauma services will be required to inform identified patients about the Trauma PRM program including providing information, brochures and answering any additional questions the patients may have. ITIM will provide the relevant training and information to pilot sites prior to the rollout commencing.
  • The pilot sites will be required to enter patient contact details for the selected patients into Collector. This is anticipated to be five to ten patients per month.
  • Pilot sites will be required to liaise with ITIM and the TORQUE Registry Support Nurse on a weekly basis for half an hour. This is to facilitate the early identification of any issues arising during the pilot and to seek early resolution of the identified issues to support pilot sites.
  • All pilot sites will be required to participate in an evaluation process for the Trauma PRM program. This is to assist with the streamlining and improvements of processes prior to further development and rollout of the program.


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