NSW Major Trauma Data Visualisation


Currently, it takes a significant amount of time to prepare simple or complex reports from data collected in the NSW Trauma Registry and the ability to re-use created reports is limited.

Existing reporting tool, Report Writer, a component of Collector, is over a decade old and cumbersome to use.

A survey of Report Writer users (Data Officers) in 2015 revealed that it was “difficult, time consuming and cumbersome” and required “expertise to operate and this is costly, both time and money”.

NSW Trauma Data Visualisation Tool

The ITIM Trauma Patient Outcome Evaluation, Qualitative Report, 2016, in considering infrastructure and resourcing included recommendations:

  • Create and implement a NSW State Trauma patient database that incorporates improved clinical information data linkages between care providers, collection of patient outcome measures and leverages real time data. This will enable access by all treating clinicians to the trauma patients entire journey in supporting the provision of clinical care
  • Identify opportunities to increase and improve the capacity and resources within the network

The NSW Major Trauma Visualisation Tool has been developed in QlikSense, a flexible and interactive data visualisations program, that aims to assist the ITIM Data Manager and NSW trauma services with data requests, enabling local users to extract and report on their own data for their local purposes.

With a Qlik based tool, users at each trauma service can:

  • Have a set of standard reports that are developed by ITIM. These reports can also be expanded by each local trauma data manager and shared between the nineteen trauma services
  • Create their own simple or complex reports locally by clicking and dragging each available data element dimension (e.g. LHD/Facility/Peer Group etc.) and data elements measurements (e.g. Average LOS, Average ICU LOS, Ventilation Hours, time between injury and admission etc.)
  • Build reports within minutes rather than hours

The NSW Trauma Data Visualisation tool is a platform for distributing and analysing trauma data across two constituencies: ITIM and NSW trauma services.

Getting Started

ITIM have provided some additional resources to assist with starting out using the NSW Major Trauma Visualisation tool. These can be accessed through the button below.

Getting started with NSW Trauma Data Visualisation tool

Access to the NSW Trauma Data Visualisation Tool

NSW Trauma Data Visualisation tool can be accessed through the button below by authorised users at ITIM or the NSW Trauma Services.

Please note: In accordance with data security and governance  the data visualisation tool can only be accessed from within the NSW Health Intranet.

NSW Trauma Data Visualisation tool (logon required)

NSW Health staff members from Trauma Services can request access through completing an access request form. The form is downloadable via the below button.

Access request form for the NSW Major Trauma Data Visualisation tool


We value your opinion on the NSW Trauma Visualisation Tool. If you have any feedback or suggestions please fill out the feedback form through the button below.

Feedback Form - NSW Trauma Data Visualisation tool


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