Trauma data

NSW ITIM is responsible for managing the collection of data about moderately to critically injured people admitted to trauma services in NSW. Data collected about these patients is held securely in the NSW Trauma Registry.

The key priority for trauma data collection by ITIM is to monitor the effectiveness of the NSW trauma system response to these most seriously injured patients.

Analysis of the data assists ITIM to assess how well the NSW trauma system responds to this group of patients, from the time of injury and the provision of pre-hospital services, through to in-hospital services provided at a trauma service. Analysis of various dimensions of the data can indicate whether the system is working as it should, and whether the right patients get to the right hospitals in a timely manner.

The data also provides an insight into the nature of the injuries sustained by patients in the registry, and how those injuries occurred. This spectrum of trauma contributes to safety and injury prevention efforts and assists other agencies concerned with minimising the likelihood and effects of traumatic injury.

Data from the Trauma Minimum Data Set is also used to provide advice and feedback to clinicians and other stakeholders, to enable research into patterns of service demand and staffing and clinical practice, and is used to support benchmarking and performance improvement activities.

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