Trauma Data Manager 

The role of the Trauma Data Manager is to maintain the hospital Trauma Registry and all quality assurance issues related to the Trauma Registry. The role includes the supervision of the trauma data collection process in liaison with the Trauma Nurse Coordinator and the provision of reports to relevant groups both within the hospital and appropriate bodies outside the hospital. The Trauma Data Manager is responsible for entering data into the registry system ensuring accuracy and confidentiality in handling of all trauma registry related matters.


Please note the following outline of the tasks of the Trauma Data Manager is generic in nature and is a guide only.

The tasks, which accompany the function of the Trauma Data Manager, include:

  • Initiates trauma registry entry, obtains authorised data from the hospital mainframe computer, to identify in-house trauma patients.
  • Organises and maintains hard copies of trauma patient data.
  • Identifies and sends data to approved hospital and state authorities as directed
  • Participates in and enters data for defined trauma research studies approved by the Trauma Director / Trauma Nurse Coordinator.
  • Participates as an integral member of the Trauma Quality Management Program.
  • Participates in professional development to assure skills and knowledge of trauma data information
  • Assists in the preparation of periodical and special reports on trauma data
  • Prepares all reports distributed on a regular basis (monthly, quarterly, fiscal and calendar year).
  • Answers and/or researches technical inquiries related to the Trauma Registry.
  • Trouble shoots and diagnosis hardware, software and network problems utilising internal and external support mechanisms to correct computer related problems.
  • Performs routine backups and computer virus checks of the trauma data.
  • Supervises data entry practices
  • Supports the Local Health District (LHD) data collection and maintains the LHD Trauma Registries as required.

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