Trauma Nurse Coordinator 

As documented in the The Australasian Trauma Verification Program Manual by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons,1 the Trauma Nurse Coordinator, a Clinical Nurse Consultant position, in close collaboration with the Trauma Director and departmental managers, is responsible for monitoring and coordinating all operational issues that are involved in the multidisciplinary team approach to quality care of the trauma patient from pre-hospital to rehabilitation.

Areas of responsibility include evaluating patient care, identifying system problems, making recommendations for improvement, and coordinating continuing educational trauma related activities for the hospital.

The Trauma Nurse Coordinator functions as a liaison for trauma care by maintaining effective lines of communication to the wider area health service and community including:

  • Retrieval Services
  • Injury Prevention Unit
  • State or Territory Health Department
  • Regional District Ambulance
  • Universities Clinical/Medical and Nursing Faculties
  • State or Territory Major Trauma Services


Please note the following outline of the tasks of the Trauma Nurse Coordinator is generic in nature and is a guide only.

The tasks, which accompany the function of the Trauma Nurse Coordinator, include:

Clinical Activities

  • Participates in daily patient rounds with the specialty team and or the Trauma Director/Trauma Fellow
  • Attends weekly multidisciplinary rounds
  • Identifies high risk patients and reports same to the Trauma Director
  • Communicates with medical and allied health staff and clarifies trauma system issues
  • Provides feedback to staff on a regular basis
  • Checks that all appropriate teams are aware of the patient’s admission
  • Ensures that the appropriate discharge plans are functioning
  • Attends Trauma Team calls to review team performance and response

Quality Assurance

  • Coordinates review of ACHS Clinical Indicators
  • Identifies trauma systems related issues and directs information to the Trauma Director and relevant committees ensuring loop closure
  • Performs concurrent review of patients’ charts, evaluates for potential care issues and refers this to the Trauma Director and appropriate specialty managers.
  • Organises data and attends the monthly death audit
  • Participates in data collection and supervises trauma registry entry ensuring registry confidentiality
  • Works with the Trauma Director/Data Manager to analyse tabulated data to determine if trends are occurring
  • Institutes audits of specific problem areas


  • Coordinates and collaborates on educational activities necessary to meet the objectives of the Trauma Centre
  • Coordinates weekly multidisciplinary Trauma Clinical meeting
  • Conducts regular Trauma Review meetings with Emergency Nursing Staff
  • Participates in orientation, in-service and mentor programs for nursing, medical and allied health staff at hospital and area level
  • Attends and lectures as invited speaker at trauma related conferences
  • Reviews and updates hospital trauma guidelines manual in collaboration with the Trauma Director


  • Participates in collaborative research as a member of a multidisciplinary team or principal investigator of a designated study
  • Identifies specific trauma research areas of interest
  • Utilises the trauma registry database as a source of information to medical, nursing and allied health staff for research projects
  • Participates in injury prevention research activities
  • Authors and co-authors research papers for publication


  • Attends monthly hospital trauma committee meetings
  • Attends bi-monthly Area Health trauma committee meetings
  • Participates in hospital disaster committee
  • Management and mentoring of staff within the Trauma Service
  • Implementation of policies and monitoring productivity

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  1. Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (2009). The Australasian Trauma Verification Program Manual. Melbourne: RACS.



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