Trauma Fellow 

The primary role of the Trauma Fellow is to facilitate the day to day management of the seriously ill trauma patient from resuscitation to rehabilitation.


Please note the following outline of the tasks of the Trauma Fellow is generic in nature and is a guide only.

The tasks, which accompany the function of the Trauma Fellow, include:

Clinical Activities

  • Attend Trauma Team activation’s during working hours and ensure that the patient progresses to definitive care.
  • Performs daily rounds of new patients with the Trauma Nurse Coordinator and checks that a tertiary survey has been done and documented in the notes.
  • Performs daily round of trauma patients in ICU and communicates with nursing and medical staff regarding the patient’s progress.
  • Participates in daily rounds of trauma patients in the HDU communicates with nursing, medical and paramedical staff checking patient’s current condition and plan of treatment.
  • Attends weekly multi-disciplinary rounds.
  • Communicates with specialty teams and services informing the Trauma Director of any clinical problems that are unresolved.
  • Participates in the after hours on call roster.

Quality Assurance

  • Identifies system problems in the hospital and reviews same on a weekly basis with the Trauma Director and the Trauma Coordinator
  • Attends monthly Trauma Death Audit
  • Works with the Trauma Director and Trauma Coordinator to analyse data and identify trends that need evaluation.


  • Plan and participate in educational activities with medical, nursing and paramedical staff.
  • Organise weekly multi-disciplinary education session
  • Implement regular orientation programs for interns, residents and registrars in basic trauma management, trauma team roles and current hospital trauma protocols.
  • Participate in an organised teaching program with networked hospitals.


  • Participate in clinical research in trauma related areas, develops a good working knowledge of trauma scoring systems.
  • Coordinate relevant research with registrar’s residents and interns acting in an advisory/mentor capacity.
  • Collates and reviews relevant journal articles.


  • Responsible for organising monthly morbidity and mortality audit.
  • Participates in the development of trauma policies.
  • Secretary of Trauma Committee meeting with the responsibility for meeting minutes.
  • Participates in review and update of hospital trauma manual and or handbook
  • Responsible for feedback to regional and urban trauma centres regarding the management of trauma patients.

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