Trauma Case Manager

The Trauma Case Manager role, a Clinical Nurse Specialist position, within the Trauma Service includes a model of care across the continuum of treatment of the injured patient. Roles and responsibilities contained within the role include, direct patient clinical care; coordination, consultation and communication with the multidisciplinary teams managing the patient’s often multiple injuries; collection of data for audit, education and research and providing appropriate feedback to the Trauma Director and Trauma Nurse Coordinator regarding patient and system issues within the hospital with particular reference to after hours care.


Please note the following outline of the tasks of the Trauma Case Manager is generic in nature and is a guide only.

The tasks, which accompany the function of the Trauma Case Manager, include:

Clinical Activities

  • Daily ward rounds to review patient care plans including documentation of the Tertiary Survey
  • Review patient notes to identify management plan, and document patients’ progress.
  • Consults with medical and nursing specialties’ to coordinate care
  • Attends Trauma Team calls as a team member when required
  • Reports to Trauma Director and Trauma Nurse Coordinator patients who are considered at risk of complications.
  • Provides leadership and appropriate nursing care as required in consultation with Nurse Unit Managers.
  • Develop and regularly review clinical pathways in trauma care.

Quality Management

  • Assist with data collection in Trauma patients.
  • Coding of injuries using the Abbreviated Injury Scale, Injury Severity Scoring.
  • Develop familiarity with the Trauma Collector Database in consultation with the Trauma Data Manager.
  • Maintain an awareness of clinical and management initiatives that may impact upon key performance indicators.
  • Assists with ”loop closure” within the quality management process
  • Identifies specific problem areas which require target audits and reports same to the Trauma Director and Trauma Nurse Coordinator.
  • Maintain data integrity. Responsible for day to day follow up of trauma patients’ clinical care and update of data elements. Review, assess and record patients’ progress.


  • Provide in service and trauma education sessions to nursing staff in the Emergency Department, Intensive Care Unit and defined wards on a regular and as need basis with particular recognition of after hours education activities.
  • Participation in orientation programs for nursing, medical and allied health staff at hospital level.
  • Work with the Trauma Service members in specific trauma educational activities e.g. EMST, TNCC etc.


  • Attendance at Trauma Audit meetings, clinical reviews, morbidity and mortality (M&M) meetings.
  • Attend relevant Hospital trauma committee meetings.
  • Assist with development of Trauma Library facilities within the Trauma Service.
  • Work towards relieving the Trauma Nurse Coordinator as required with appropriate supervision


  • Undertake research, development, implementation and support for the Trauma Service.
  • Present educational/research information on trauma issues at professional forums.

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