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Becoming a Member of the Network

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Intellectual Disability
Information for families, advocates and carers interested in being involved in a subcommittee of the Intellectual Disability Health Network.

The Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) was established in January 2010 to drive continuous improvement in the way health care is provided to consumers in the NSW health system.

The ACI has a state-wide brief to work with consumers, doctors, nurses, other health professionals, managers and the community to promote improvements in health service delivery

What committees are there in the Intellectual Disability Health Network?

  • Executive Group – provides direction and oversight to Network activity.
  • Workforce and Capacity – focuses on building a well equipped health workforce.
  • Research and Development – focuses on research awareness and practice.
  • Access and Equity – focuses on availability and access to services.
  • Models of Care – focuses on promoting health and well-being across the health system, and linking with the specialist multi-disciplinary health teams.

Family members / carers are involved at Executive and subcommittee level. They come from different parts of NSW, including from regional and remote areas.

How will it help me and people with intellectual disability?

Your views, ideas and recommendations will be heard and can influence the directions and outcomes of the subcommittee, with a view to putting forward recommendations for change in practice.

The (ACI) Intellectual Disability Network has three co-chairs; Maria Heaton (parent), Jenny Keller (Director of Allied Health Central Coast Local Health District) and Vince Ponzio (Director, Intellectual Disability / Mental Health, NSW Ministry of Health). The Network has a Manager, an Executive Group and four subcommittees. Three specialist multidisciplinary health teams have also been established to develop models of health service delivery and capacity building for people with intellectual disability and their families or carers living in NSW. The subcommittees are made up of medical, nursing and allied health staff, as well as government and non government staff and family members / carers and advocates.

The ID Network works closely with its stakeholders to identify and action changes to improve the health and well being of people with intellectual disability. The subcommittees approach this agenda from different angles, but all have the same aim

Why become a member?

It is an opportunity to have a voice, hear how others from a broad range of areas are involved in intellectual disability and to be involved in influencing change.

A member who receives the newsletter and attends forums

You can become a member who receives newsletters, attends forums and related events and assists to review documents and projects.

A subcommittee member

Subcommittee members work to identify and action changes to improve the health and well being of people with intellectual disability.

What is the commitment as a subcommittee member?

Subcommittee involvement - usually 2 hours, four times per year (usually in North Ryde).

  • Attending (or phoning in for) subcommittee meetings.
  • Being an active participant through expressing your viewpoint and advocating for those with disabilities
  • Listening to others and being engaged in discussion
  • Coming prepared to the meetings eg having read previous minutes, attachments and having completed relevant actions .
  • Assisting in achieving the subcommittee goals, as appropriate.

Getting to Meetings

We are keen to have people from regional and remote areas involved. This may mean you are not necessarily able to attend in person, but can be involved in a phone or video link-up.

What support is available for subcommittee members?

Subcommittee members can contact each other directly. The Manager of the Network is available on email, and phone and usually rings before and after each meeting to talk over the meeting. The subcommittee co-chairs are also there to assist their members. There is also an annual Consumer Forum run by the ACI for consumers / carers across all Networks.

The subcommittees come together with the Executive Group annually at the annual ID Health Network Forum, to share information about the work of each subcommittee and hear from guest speakers. There is also a consumer / carer group discussion as part of the Forum.