Collection, security and use of your health information


We collect your completed survey responses, which may also include information about medical treatment you have received. NSW Health is required to comply with privacy legislation, including the Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002 in the collection, use and disclosure of health information.

We collect health information directly from you wherever possible. We may seek your consent to collect your health information from a carer or someone who can act on your behalf (proxy), if appropriate.

Recording of phone based surveys

A recording of the phone based survey may be collected and securely stored within a NSW Health application for up to three months. This recording is to be used internally by the Trauma PRMs team for quality and training only. The recordings are not used as part of your survey response and are not shared. You will be asked if you consent to the phone call being recorded.


The surveys will be securely collected on our electronic system called REDCap. NSW Health takes data security very seriously and has a range of security tools and rules in place, including the ability to review anyone who has accessed your survey responses (auditability).

We are committed to protecting against unauthorised access, misuse or loss of your health information.

Use and disclosure

Your survey reports about your quality of life or symptoms may be shared with other healthcare providers in your care team. This includes your nominated General Practitioner, private health care providers, hospitals and medical specialists actively involved in your health care. These reports will help healthcare providers have the right information to provide you with the best possible services.

Your responses about the care you experienced will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

We may also use and disclose your de-identified health information for operational and management activities, including, funding, planning, safety and quality improvement. As part of our ongoing commitment to improving health and healthcare in NSW, we may provide your de-identified health information (after removing your name and contact details) to researchers of projects approved by a Human Research Ethics Committee.

You are entitled to access your health information if it is held by NSW Health, this can be accessed through hospital medical records department.

If you require further information regarding access to your information and how NSW Health collects, uses and discloses health information please see the privacy leaflet for patients available here:

Alternatively, you can contact the Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) Privacy Contact Officer via email:

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