NSW Trauma Process Indicators

The trauma process indicators were developed by the NSW ITIM as a means to evaluate the care of severely injured patients.

Measures of the performance of the NSW trauma system are required to provide guidance on quality improvement activities, benchmarking and reporting, research, education and future investment. These measures are known as trauma process indicators (PIs) and are a fundamental part of monitoring the trauma system.

Most of the trauma PI's below have been adapted by the NSW ITIM Data Management Committee based on previous work by Stelfox et al (Stelfox, Straus, Nathens, & Bobranska-artiuch, 2011).

  1. Scene time (pre-hospital)
  2. Time to laparotomy
  3. Time to embolisation
  4. Unplanned admission to ICU
  5. Complications
  6. Unplanned return to the operating room
  7. Missed injuries
  8. Death review
  9. Retrieval team turnaround time
  10. Medical retrieval notification time
  11. Intubation in ED with GCS <9 in head injury

Below is the guide to collecting the NSW Trauma Process Indicators

The Guide to the NSW Trauma Process Indicators


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