ITIM Executive Committee

The purpose of the Executive Committee is to support ITIM to achieve its objectives through the provision of advice on strategic direction and establishment and monitoring of work groups and committees to undertake activities identified in the Work Plan.

The ITIM Executive Committee meets bi-monthly and consists of staff from ITIM and ACI together with the chairs of each of the other ITIM committees.


  • Michael Dinh, Clinical Director, ITIM (chair)
  • Glenn Sisson, Manager, ITIM
  • Jenni Johnson, Stream Manager, ACI
  • Sarah Dalton, Clinical Executive Director, PRISM Directorate, ACI
  • Jeremy Hsu, Co-Chair of Clinical Review Committee, Trauma Director, Westmead Hospital
  • Scott D'Amours, Co-Chair of Clinical Review Committee, Trauma Director, Liverpool Hospital
  • Karon McDonell, Co-Chair of Data Management Committee, Trauma CNC, St Vincent's Hospital
  • Patricia Saccasan-Whelan, Co-Chair of Data Management Committee, Director of Critical Care, Southern NSW
  • Zsolt Balogh, Co-Chair of Research Advisory Committee,Trauma Director, John Hunter Hospital
  • Brian Burns, Co-Chair of Research Advisory Committee, Trauma Director, Orange Health Service, Retrieval Specialist, HEMS
  • Clare Richmond, Co-Chair of Education Committee, FACEM, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
  • Elizabeth Leonard, Co-Chair of Education Committee, Trauma CNC, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
  • Yashvi Wimalasena, Co-Chair of Trauma Innovation Committee, Consultant, Retrieval/Emergency, Lismore Hospital
  • Dwight Robinson, Co-Chair of Trauma Innovation Committee, Manager, Emergency Management Unit, Liverpool Hospital

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