Nurse Leaders

Current Co-Chairs - Katina Skylas and Clare Loveday


  • To provide a forum for expert nursing leaders to discuss areas of concern in nursing practice in Intensive Care Service (ICS).
  • To use the expert knowledge to provide advice to the Intensive Care Services Network ACI, Clinical Excellence Commission  and the Ministry on any  matters impacting on nursing in Intensive Care Services.
  • The group functions as a vehicle to disseminate information to a broad group of nursing leaders and staff in NSW, ensuring information is shared and actioned as required.
  • The group with its expertise is able to make consensus decisions on nursing practice issues of concern.

Priority Projects

The group’s major project is the revision of the ICNSW consumer web page in conjunction with ICNSW. This project involves the web page to be completely redesigned with colour and layout and content on each page reviewed and revised for currency.

A video of a typical ICU was developed to demystify the experience of ICU for patients and families, identifying the typical staff that they may see in an ICU. It also provides a look at what a typical patient may look like.


Membership of this group is diverse covering ICS Nurse Managers, Nursing Unit Managers, Clinical Nurse Consultants, Clinical Nurse Educators, Senior Nursing staff, ACCCN and Ministry Health. The representation covers Metropolitan and Rural hospital, representing all levels of ICS, providing a broad coverage of issues that affect nursing in NSW. Currently have 35 members of the group that actively attend meeting in person or via teleconference.

Future Projects

  • The use of Critical Care EMR in ICS
  • ACCCN nursing standards
  • Critical Care Resource management with the current Patient Flow Portal
  • Use of Journey board