Feedback on the Early Mobilisation in PICU - Clinical Practice Guide

The NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation is seeking feedback on the recently completed Early Mobilisation in Paediatric Intensive Care Units (PICU) clinical practice guide.

Early mobilisation is now considered to be a safe and feasible intervention for PICU patients. There is now a greater emphasis on supporting the benefits of early mobilisation and rehabilitation of paediatric intensive care patients, to improve long-term outcomes and functionality in children. This guide has been developed to support PICU’s in implementing this intervention into practice.

The Clinical Practice Guide and recommendations were based on previous work undertaken by Queensland Children’s Hospital PICU and Karen Choong’s early mobilisation research. The document was adapted to be used in NSW Paediatric ICU setting with an expert multidisciplinary clinician working group. The Clinical Practice Guide was revised with evidence, consensus-based recommendations and relevant data using IIMS and IIMS+, gap analysis of existing guides and current practice.

The consultation will be open for 4 weeks and will close on 12 August 2022.

Please direct any questions to Linda Williams, ACI ICNSW Network Manager at

This form is accessible via distributed link.