ECI Project Outlines and Reports

Below is a list of project outlines for current ECI projects being led by various team members. Should you have any further queries about any of these projects please contact Vanessa Evans on or (02) 9464-4674.

Current Projects

  • A Review of Central vs Peripheral vasoactive drugs in the emergency department: a systematic review and development of recommendations for use - Dr Lucy Lutze

  • Redefining Ultrasound Training in Emergency Medicine - Dr Lee Blair

  • An observational study on the management of acute scrotal pain in NSW EDs. A policy for the management of acute scrotal pain and testicular torsion - Dr Clare Richards

Completed Projects

  • Current practice in risk management in EDs including the evaluation of incidents and the application to practice - Mr Matthew Murray

  • Assessing the Efficacy of Using a Physical Assessment of the Mental Health Patient Form using ABF Data - Dr Nadia Bowman

  • ECI Website Effectiveness Project - Dr Jeremy Lawrence

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