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Research Project Overview

HiRAID: Evaluation of an emergency nursing assessment framework on patient assessment and documentation: A pilot study


The complexity, uncertainty and sometimes urgency surrounding Emergency nursing practice requires a structured approach based on initial assessment and decision making. Patient safety is of utmost importance and the Emergency Department (ED) is a high risk environment, yet currently there is no consistent approach to the initial nursing assessment of the patient presenting to emergency.

This randomised control trial will evaluate a five step emergency nursing assessment framework (HiRAID), originally developed to guide postgraduate education of emergency nurses in initial patient assessment, reassessment and effective communication of findings in clinical practice in the ED. This newly devised tool will be presented to and trialled with early career ED nurses working in a major tertiary referral hospital within a simulated environment to inform the development of an implementation plan for practice. This randomised control trial will test three hypotheses in relation to improvement of assessment and management of presenting patients, clinical communication and information use, and useability for practice.

Expected outcomes include the validation of an innovative, evidence based model of care that will improve service delivery, efficiency, communication and patient safety.


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