ED Leadership Forums 2016 & 2017

The NSW ED Leadership Forum is an ECI initiative that has been established to bring together ED Executive / Leadership Teams to discuss topics of interest relating to emergency care.

25 August 2017

Presentations and Videos

Clinical Review: Child Protection

  • Kathy Kramer, Medical Governance Director Sexual Assault Service and Child Protection, MNCLHD and PARVAN Sexual Assault Clinical Advisor, NSW Ministry of Health
  • Kathy Horne, Associate Director Education Centre Against Violence, NSW Ministry of Health
  • Jo Thomson, Senior Analyst, Prevention and Response to Violence Abuse and Neglect Unit, Health and Social Policy Branch, NSW Ministry of Health
  • John Mackenzie, Acting ECI Clinical Director, Agency for Clinical Innovation
  • Intensive Care Service Model Program

    • Nhi Nguyen, Medical Advisor, Intensive Care NSW, Agency for Clinical Innovation

    Around the Grounds

    Improving the experience for patients in ED with Intellectual Disability

    • Say Less Show More - Jacqueline Small, Senior Staff Specialist, Disability Specialist Unit (DSU), Sydney LHD
    • A2D - Lif O'Connor, Clinical Nurse Consultant, Child, Youth and Family Services, Primary Integrated and Community Health, South Eastern Sydney LHD

    Using ETP Reporting to Drive Changes in Clinical Practice

    • Jacqui Irvine, Director of Emergency, Shoalhaven District Memorial Hospital
    • Natalie Wright, Whole of Hospital Lead, Illawarra Shoalaven LHD

    Research Updates

    • De-lablelling self-reported penicillin allergy in the ED, Joseph Marwood, ECI Advanced Trainee, St Vincent's Hospital and Agency for Clinical Innovation

    Leading Better Value Healthcare

    • What is Better Value Healthcare? Cathryn Cox, Executive Director of health System Planning and Investment Branch, NSW Ministry of Health
    • Leading Better Value Care - an approach to investigating clinical variation - Kate Lloyd, Acting Portfolio Director, Agency for Clinical Innovation

    Clinical Updates

    • Eye Emergencies - New Release - Sarah-Jane Waller, Ophthalmology Network Manager, Agency for Clinical Innovation
    • Emergency Medicine Ultrasound Group (EMUGs) - Brian O'Connell, Emergency Physician, Coffs Harbour Health Service
    • Change: Good, Bad or Ugly - Dr John Mackenzie, Acting ECI Clinical Director, Agency for Clinical Innovation

    9 June 2017

    Presentations and Videos

    Trauma in ED

    • Domestic Violence: clinical and legal aspects - Maria Nittis, Department Head, Forensic Medical Unit, Western Sydney & Nepean Blue Mountains LHDs
    • Update on trauma coagulopathy and management: use of TEG and ROTEM - Megha Jain, Anaesthetist, Prince of Wales Hospital
    • Controversies: use of cervical collars - Duncan Reed, Senior ED Staff Specialist / Trauma Director, Gosford Hospital

    Chronic Pain in ED

    • Quantifying the problem - Paul Wildin, Manager Frequent User Implementation, NSW Ambulance
    • The problem, the project and the outcomes - Paul Wrigley, Senior Staff Specialist Pain Medicine, Royal North Shore Hospital
    • Success story at John Hunter Hospital - Fiona Hodson, Pain CNC, John Hunter Hospital
    • ED perspective and wrap-up - John Mackenzie, ECI Medical Officer
    • Panel Discussion

    ECI Updates

    • ED Quality framework next steps for smaller - EDs Gabrielle Mane, Advanced Trainee, Emergency Care Institute and Concord Hospital
    • What we’ve learned about improving access to emergency care knowledge - Lucy Harten-Ash, Advanced Trainee, Emergency Care Institute and Royal North Shore Hospital

    ACS Pathway & Troponins

    • Troponins - John Mackenzie, ECI Medical Officer
    • Point of Care Troponins - Brian Heffernan, Point-of-Care Program Coordinator, NSW Pathology
    • ACS Pathway - Jenny Yu, Cardiologist, Prince of Wales Hospital
    • Panel Discussion

    Evaluation Report

    5 August 2016

    Presentations and Videos

    Quality care for elderly patients

    • Non-beneficial treatments at the end of life: extent, causes, potential solutions and future research, Magnolia Cardona-Morrell, Senior Research Fellow, The Simpson Centre for Health Services Research, SWS Clinical School

    Panel Discussion: The elderly patient - challenging decisions in emergency care

    • Prof Ken Hillman, Professor of Intensive Care, Liverpool Hospital, University of New South Wales (SWS Clinical School); Prof Gideon Caplan, Director of Geriatric Medicine, Prince of Wales Hospital, Conjoint Associate Professor, University of New South Wales; and Jacqueline Hewitt, Aged Care Emergency Clinical Nurse Consultant, Patient Flow Unit, Rankin Park Campus

    Update from the NSW Ministry of Health on ED safety and the 12-point action plan

    • Preliminary results of the security audit, Annie Owens, Director Workplace Relations, NSW Ministry of Health
      • No presentation or video
    • Availability of clinical support for Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol presentations, Sarah Marmara, Principal Policy Advisor, Emergency Access, NSW Ministry of Health
      • No presentation or video

    Planning new EDs: what works, what's challenging, and how to optimise ED design. Insights from the planning team at Health Infrastructure

    Clinical Excellence Commission: meet the CEO

    • Carrie Marr, Chief Executive, Clinical Excellence Commission

    Clinical Controversies / Changing Practice

    • Sedation of the acute behaviourally disordered patient: not settled yet? Betty Chan, Emergency Physician and Toxicologist, Prince of Wales Hospital
    • High sensitivity troponin: it's a game changer, Rod Bishop, Director Emergency Medicine, Nepean Hospital
    • Closing the evidence practice gap in rib fracture management, using research and behaviour change, Kate Curtis, Professor of Trauma and Emergency Nursing, Sydney Nursing School, Clinical Nurse Consultant, St George Hospital

    Evaluation Report

    1 April 2016

    Presentations and Videos

    Responding to the incident at Nepean ED

    • The Ministry of Health Approach, Karen Crawshaw, Deputy Secretary, NSW Ministry of Health

    NSW Clinical Services Planning Methodology Review

    • Informing future ED builds and resources, Lisa Brady, A/Director, Strategic Analysis and Investment Unit, NSW Ministry of Health and Jim Pearse, Director, Health Policy Analysis

    eMR: what's on the horizon?

    • eMEDs in NSW EDs: coming to your ED soon, Andrew Hugman, Emergency Physician and eMEDs Clinical Lead, Prince of Wales Hospital
    • Nursing and medical perspectives on clinical care sets and pathways, Lynne Keith, Education Coordinator (Medicine / Emergency), Austin Health
    • Electronic medication management, Richard Paoloni, Emergency Physician, Concord Repatriation General Hospital
    • Q&A

    Auditor General's Report: Reducing Ambulance Turnaround time at Hospitals

    • Recap of findings, Sally McCarthy, ECI Clinical Director, Agency for Clinical Innovation
    • Ambulance service: the end of ART and other initiatives, Paul Tonge, Manager Sustainable Access, NSW Ambulance
    • Site report: our trial of ambulance offload bays, Tim Green, Director of Emergency, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
    • Q&A

    Clinical Updates

    • Procedural Sedation: what's happening at the coal face, John Mackenzie, ECI Medical Project Officer, Agency for Clinical Innovation
    • NOAC for Peripheral DVT, Tim Brighton, Haematologist, Prince of Wales Hospital
    • New paediatric guidelines, Joanne White, Senior Analyst, Paediatric Healthcare, Office of Kids and Families, NSW Ministry of Health
    • Zika Virus, Dominic Dwyer, Medical Virologist, Director Institute of Clinical Pathology and Medical Research, Westmead Hospital

    Evaluation Report


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